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Who We Are

Livesey All Freight Systems consists of a small team of very talented, dedicated, and knowledgable freight shipping, logistics, and supply-chain specialists.

Manufacturers, growers, producers, distributors, retailers, industrial suppliers, military factions, government factions .... businesses large and small .... all trust us with moving their goods from point A to point B and beyond because they have confidence in that we know the ins and outs of moving and storing goods safely, securely, and expeditiously throughout the U.S., Mexico, Canada, and worldwide.

Our Mission. Our Goal.

Our business is only as good as our reputation, and our reputation was built on a solid foundation of honesty, integrity, and dependability. We know that the only means to satisfying our customers' expectations is to provide them with exceptional service, and we do this by cultivating strong relationships with the industry's most exceptional shippers and carriers that share our passion for being the best at what they do.

Our goal is not to be the biggest logistics and supply chain management company. Our goal is to be best.

"We Move Your Goods the American way!"

Our Tribute to the Livesey Legacy

We're doing it Glenn's way!

Not only will we not change the company name, we won't be changing how we get the job done for our customers. Why change a great thing?

Glenn and Linda Livesey founded Livesey All Freight Systems in 1984 and the business has thrived over the years due to their unwavering commitment to treating customers with respect through honesty, integrity, and personal attention. It also doesn't hurt that Glenn has lived and breathed the business of moving freight for more than 48 years. Bottom line ... he knows his stuff.

New ownership of a business presents numerous opportunities to tune the business. Falling for the next big thing may seem like a good idea at the time, but often, the next big thing may well be the next big failure. Contrary to popular belief, the definition of change is not [good]. Change is change, and while it may be a part of life, it isn't always a good thing; people, for the most part, just don't like change, and we get that.

We understand business is about person-to-person relationships, and above all else we honor the relationships that have been built over the years by Livesey All Freight Systems.  This commitment will remain at the forefront in all we do.

Just as Glenn Livesey has done since 1984, we firmly believe that the best thing we can do is to follow his lead by doing what works .... pay close attention to the little things; the details that really matter to each and every customer.
All one needs to do is to speak with any one of Livesey All Freight Systems' long-time customers, and they'll tell you that Founder Glenn Livesey knows how to make things happen.
Glenn's style of serving customers is an institution he worked hard to build, and we are committed to carrying on that institution. Why? Because the job gets done right and that makes customers happy.

Our business serves very mature markets. And being a seasoned veteran in the right way to service customers, Mr. Livesey understood that it’s all about the little things; it’s all about making the customer experience better and better and better; it’s all about making their experience very personal by getting rid of any and all activities that do not add value to the customer.

A business succeeds not because it is long established or because of its size, it succeeds because there are men and women in it who live it, sleep it, dream it, and build great future plans for it by doing right by the customers it serves. We're fortunate to have those people.

Although time, technology, and our ever-changing economy move us further from the early days of Glenn Livesey's company roots, we are committed to never stray from the basic principles that have made Livesey All Freight Systems so successful.

We're doing it Glenn Livesey's way .... because it works.

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