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What We Do

With more than 85 years combined experience and having strong relationships with the most reputable carriers in the industry, we can proudly boast that our team has an indisputable top-notch reputation.

We ensure that your commercial cargo is moved safely, securely, on time and within budget. Bottom line .... we know freight shipping, logistics and supply chain management, and we get the job done right.

Truck Freight Shipping

Full Truckload (FTL) or (TL) Freight Shipping Services

With our carrier network, we can fulfill any type of full truckload shipment of commerical or industrial cargo you may have.
FTL or TL is freight that weighs more than 8,000 pounds or a cargo load that takes up the majority of the space in a tractor trailer. Most FTL/TL loads are picked up and delivered by the same truck. Unlike an LTL load truck, a truck that delivers a FTL/TL load only has only one delivery location stop, making delivery time quicker than LTL shipping.

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Less Than Truckload (LTL) Freight Shipping Services

LTL is for well-packed cargo loads weighing up to 8,000 pounds that are not large enough to fill an entire truckload. LTL is the most common type of freight. and is typically the most cost-effective means to ship freight. 

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Bulk Tanker Truck Freight Shipping

Bulk Tanker Truck shipping is for transporting unpackaged perishable and time and tempurature sensitive bulk liquid food grade commodities such as milk, cream, eggs, edible oils, wine, beer, baby foods, syrups, vinegars, juices, etc. We also offer organic and Kosher certified tanker services.

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AirTruck Freight Shipping Services

AirTruck services are often used for fragile cargo as AirTrucks provide a smoother ride to aid in the prevention of shipping damages and potential loss. AirTruck shipping, while higher in cost than other types of freight, is your safest choice for delicate and fragile cargo.

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Flatbed Truck Freight Shipping Services

Flatbed truck transport services are preferred for items that are durable, can be strapped down, and can withstand sun, heat, wind, rain, frost, and snow. Flat beds accommodate commodities such as autos, commercial equipment, metals, piping, masonry materials, building materials, heavy machinery, lumber, and other large bulky items. We offer an extensive network of flatbed carriers.

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Refrigerated/Frozen Truck (Reefer) Freight Shipping Services

A refrigerated truck is a temperature controlled trailer, either chilled or frozen depending on the contents. Refrigerated trucks are used by large grocery stores and other food companies to transport perishable goods across the nation. Whether you have ice cream, frozen meats or poultry, or beverages that need to be chilled, we can provide you with a reefer that suits your needs.

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Dry Van Truck Freight Shipping Services

Dry Van carriers move freight that is loaded into a semi trailer. Semi trailers are typically between 26 and 53 feet. A van can also refer to a box-shaped trailer or semi-trailer used to carry goods from Origin to Destination. Multi-stop truckload and LTL consolidation are available.

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Expedited Truckload (FTL) Freight Shipping Services

Expedited Truckload is a shipment which occupies at least one complete truck trailer, or allows for no other shippers goods to be carried at the same time. Shipments rated on the use of a truck's entire capacity based on miles.

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Expedited Less Than Truckload (LTL) Freight Shipping Services

Time-Sensitive Deliveries that are “Less-Than-Truckload” (LTL) delivered across North America. LTL shipments typically weigh between 100 and 10,000lbs. Your shipment will be expedited directly to its final destination without being transferred through endless break-bulk stations, faster transit times, eliminating damages.

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Hot Shot Same Day Truck Delivery Services

For Urgent Shipments delivered directly to the destination in the same truck for delivery the same day. White Glove Services, Expedited Freight Delivery and Expedited Delivery Order Process. For Direct Same Day and Overnight Delivery.

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Rail Freight Shipping

We work directly with all major North American railroads and offer a full range of intermodal rail transportation services spanning the United States, Canada and Mexico.

Cost Effective Freight Shipping Solutions

For long distance freight transport, hazmat materials, and extremely heavy weight cargo, train freight shipping can save time and money over truck freight shipping. The primary consideration is if the goods are near the rail head so that they are picked up and delivered directly, meaning that the train runs to the point of destination or to a hub that connects to the destination.

A variety of freight cars are available for transporting different kinds of goods.

What is the right car type for your goods?

Our experts will determine the right car type to move your product safely and securely.

  • Standard Box Car: a closed box fitted with side doors
  • Auto-carriers: specialized multi-level cars designed for shipping automobiles
  • Coil Car: a specialized type of rolling stock designed for the transportation of coils of sheet metal
  • Covered hopper: fitted with a cover for weather and temperature sensitive loads
  • Flatcar: used for larger cargo not easily loaded into a boxcar
  • Lorry: an open railroad car with a tipping trough, normally used in mines
  • Refrigerator car: a refrigerated subtype of boxcar
  • Side-dump cars: used to ship roadbed materials including ballast and large stones, and are able to unload anywhere along the track
  • Stock car: used for transporting livestock
  • 1Tank car: used for transporting liquids, such as petroleum
  • Transporter wagon: designed to transport other railway equipments

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Air Freight Shipping

We have the experience, knowledge, and strength in partner relationships that afford us the ability to offer our customers reliable and cost-effective domestic and International air freight shipping solutions.

Domestic and International Air Freight Services include:

  • Priority Air
  • Consolidated Air

Delivery Options include:

  • Door-to-Airport
  • Door-to-Door excluding duties/taxes (DDU)
  • Door-to-Door including duties/taxes (DDP)
  • Same Day
  • Counter-to-Counter
  • Next Flight Out (NFO)
  • Overnight
  • Second Day
  • 3-5 Day Economy Deferred
  • Hand Carry
  • Airport-to-Airport
  • Airport-to-Door

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Sea Freight Shipping

We, at Livesey All Freight Systems, couple our strength in relationships with major ocean carriers with our ability to secure the best contract rates to offer our customers some of the lowest international ocean freight shipping rates and space allocations available.

Your needs. We can do that!

We can handle most any shipment size, from less-than-container loads to full container loads, oversized cargo, and we can meet your specialized equipment needs.

  • FCL (Full Container Load) Ocean Freight Shipping: we provide frequent departures at competitive rates for full container load (FCL) shipments from major US ports.

  • LCL (Less-Than-Container Load) Ocean Freight Shipping: When you don't have enough cargo to fill a container, we offer worldwide Less-Than-Container Load (LCL) service.

  • RO-RO (Roll-On Roll-Off) Ocean Freight Shipping: if you have fully operational rolling stock, non-damaged and too large or heavy for container loading, RO-RO service can provide the more economical and faster shipping option.

We cover all the bases.

  • Dependable transit schedules and sailings from major US ports
  • Safe and secure container loading
  • Relationships with major carriers affording optimal cargo space allocation
  • SED (Shipper Export Declaration), BL (Bill of Lading), US Customs title processing and other export documentation services
  • Door-to-door service
  • Personal tracking of your shipment - our Supply Chain Experts personnaly track and keep you informed of where your cargo is every step of the way.

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Logistics Design

Our dedicated team has over 4 decades combined experience in freight forwarding, contract logistics, transportation management, and distribution management. We proudly boast an impressive list of very satisfied customers ranging from the individual needing a one-time shipment to fortune 100 companies requiring high volume freight logistics design and planning.

Need a custom logistics solution?

Our supply chain experts will design the optimal freight program exclusively for your specific shipping needs.

How do we do it?

We leverage our freight experience, industry knowledge and unparalled relationships with the most reputable freight handling companies to create a custom end-to-end logistics design that will:

  • Match your needs with the right carriers
  • Improve transit times
  • Capitalize on flexibility
  • Maximize your savings
  • Deliver on-time, safely, and within budget

We give special attention to supply chain strategies for:

  • Shipment consolidation
  • Lateral transhipments
  • Multimodal transportation

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Supply Chain Management

A complex and daunting task.

Improving a process as complex as the supply-chain can be daunting, as more and more companies are challenged with finding ways to meet ever-rising customer expectations at a manageable cost. To do so, businesses must identify the competitive deficiencies within their supply-chain processes, identify areas where customer needs are not being met, establish improvement goals, then expeditiously implement all necessary improvements.

We'll cover all of the bases.

Our Supply chain Experts address complex interdependencies within your company's supply-chain; in effect,  we create an "extended enterprise" within your business that reaches far beyond your facility's door.

How do we do it?

  • We develop and maintain business-to-business (B2B) relationships
  • Outsource decisions to the right experts
  • Optimize and manage logistics and transportation
  • Forecast demand and management requirements
  • Secure contract warehousing
  • Develop and foster strategic business alliances

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