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In an ongoing effort to provide outstanding service, Livesey All Freight Systems is constantly expanding its carrier base. We've found that every carrier has something valuable and unique to offer; from the owner-operator with a single truck to the multi-fleet mega corps.

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  • We have a large and continually growing customer base. They need freight shipped and you need to keep your equipment loaded.

  • We're prompt payers and we handle collection from the Shipper.

  • When avaliable equipment sits idle, most of our core carriers prefer to haul for Livesey All Freight Systems, a company they have come to know and trust, rather than risk doing business with the unknown.

  • In the same way that maintaining a large carrier base enables us to fulfill the requirements of our shippers, having a broad customer base also allows us to better meet the needs of our carriers.

  • We treat our carriers as business partners because they are.

  • We're here to stay. Over the years, brokers have gained notoriety among truckers, and rightly so in many cases. Since our inception in 1984, we've seen many of our competitors come and go. But by dealing with reputable carriers and treating them fairly, we've not only survived, we have thrived!

  • All charges are confirmed in writing before dispatch and all freight bills are paid weekly. In fact, many of our carriers who use factoring companies choose to bill us directly because we pay faster.

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