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Welch's Foods, Inc.

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Welch Foods Inc is in its second decade working with Livesey All Freight. Amongst other things, Glenn and his team have always been our go-to guys for the “less than cookie cutter” transportation solutions.

Keith Crowell, Welch's Fenway Park Toast to Boston Bombing SurvivorsCase in point, Fenway Park recently had their 100 year anniversary. Welch’s and the Boston Red Sox decided to celebrate in grand style. We were going to set the World Record for the largest celebratory toast in history. With all of the other activities involved with the 100 year anniversary party and the challenges of delivering to park that is in the middle of a busy city, in a tight delivery window, with specialized equipment, Glenn and his team made sure that all of the 32,904 people had something in their glasses to toast with. As a result of their efforts we are now in the Guinness Book of World Records. This is just one, of a list of many successful endeavors with Livesey All Freight.

Keith Crowell | Distribution Analyst

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